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Stone Restoration Halifax Looking for reliable stone restoration Halifax service? Look no further than Pinnacle Stoneworks. We specialize in different types of stone and brickwork projects, including new stonework constructions and brickwork reinforcement and reconstruction. We build fine stonework for landscapes and architectural installations and we use only the best stone materials that last.

There are many different types of stonemasons, depending on how they work stone as well as the type of the stones they work with. Quarrymen, for example work in quarries and are responsible for harvesting and cutting raw stone, which will further be trimmed down to size for use by other masons. Those who transform irregular and rough blocks of stone into smaller, more workable chunks are called sawyers, while those who shape pieces into specific forms are called banker masons. Carvers, on the other hand, are skilled sculptors, specializing in creating designs and patterns on stone, like ornamental carvings on the sides of a building. If you have an old stone construction that needs a little refurbishment, ask about our stone restoration Halifax services here at Pinnacle Stoneworks. We offer many different services ranging from building renovations and heritage restorations to hand carving and landscape designing.

Some masonry work focus on the decorative aspects of the job, but highly skilled masons deal with more exhaustive tasks like fixing large blocks of stones in place to create permanent structures. Fixer masons are like contractors that deal with heavy pieces of stone or rock that are attached to complicated block and tackle systems in order to set permanent structures in place. Expert stonemasons who have mastered the craft are known to be very skillful in eyeing weak points of stone materials as well as examining cracks and similar types of damages that may affect the quality of the finished work. If you are looking for a good company to do your stone restoration, Halifax based, Pinnacle Stoneworks is one of the best places to visit in the area. Stone Restoration Halifax
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